50 WAYS TO FIND DEALS and the one thing that works EVERYTIME!

OK! Lets dive right in!

Some of these are better than others but here is a list compiled of every possible way I (and others that helped me) could think of to find deals.
Hope you find some that stand out to you.
And don't forget to see #51 the thing that works every time at the bottom.

Drive your target area at least 3 hours per week looking for vacant, run-down and ugly properties.Record the address, look up the owner and contact them.Contact a BylawOfficer for your target areas.Introduce yourself including the statement, “My associate investors and I buy, fix up and resell properties to nice families…we are making (neighborhood) a better place to live, one home at a time…you’re in favor of that, aren’t you?Would you please share anywhere with infractions sothat I can contact the owners and offer to purchase their house?”Contact glass companies, restoration services and disaster clean up companies and ask if they do “board ups.” They will often board up properties for owners who are leaving their property vacant.Offer to pay the board up company the equivalent of their board up fee when you purchase the property if they will share those property addresses with you.Hire “bird dogs” to find vacant and ugly properties for you.Contact people whose job takes them into your target areas such as newspaper delivery, milk delivery, UPS, FedEx, mailman, lawn care, pest control sprayers, locksmiths, etc.Pay them $5 for each digital photo with address of the property.Put up “bandit” signs in your target areasPass out business cards to everyone you know and everyone you meet.Sample dialog:“What do I do for a living?I’m a real estate investor…here’s my card.”Call all the “We Buys Houses” signs in your target neighborhoods.Pass out flyers indicating you are looking for properties in your target areas.Send postcards into your target areas indicating you are looking for properties.Run classifieds ads in newspapers and online.Magnetic Vehicle Signs or Vehicle Vinyl “Wrap” WE BUY HOUSES and a phone number.Billboards in lower income areasDoor HangersAds/pulltabs on buses and bus benchesDirect Mail Letters into your target areas using your local post service.Google Adwords and/or AdSense and/or AlertsReal Estate Investor’s Association or ClubAsk locksmiths who is always changing locks on their property. (headache property)Word of Mouth AdvertisingReal Estate Agents/MLSOnline SearchesDelinquent Property Taxes. Once a year in February in Alberta they release all the properties that are tax delinquent for auction.Contact property ManagersForeclosure SearchesDivorcing couples (might be a sensitive one but always people that want to get out of their situation fast)Pre ForeclosuresCourt of queen bench propertiesOut of Town/Absentee Owners (look for vacant properties on the MLS)Contact home InspectorsRetirement Homes and Assisted Living Centers (lots of elderly people are moving into homes and may need help moving and own their place out right)Garage Sale Ads(These people need money)Ask local utility workersTalk to Attorneys4 “D” Service Providers (Death, Disease, Divorce, Disaster)Executors/Administrators/Personal Representatives of EstatesProbateBail BondsmenSurplus Properties for Sale (City or County)Non Profit Organizations (with donated property)Mobile Home DealersLegalServers, you know "you've been served"Security GuardsHard Money LendersBankers and Mortgage Brokers and other lendersPrivate Money LendersHomeowner’s AssociationsTired LandlordsInsurance Companies (damaged/partially burned houses)Fire Departments (partially burned houses)PODS or other storage facilities



Pick your two favorite and go DO IT!

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